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Art of maison

The grand cathedrals of Italy. A cozy cottage in the English countryside. Ripples in the dunes at a Southern California beach. A honeycomb’s infinitely repeating hexagons. The delicate translucence of a shellfish interior.

The creative inspiration for Maison tile designers sprawls across time, experience, and scale—from the unique snapshot glimpses of their world travels to a quiet moment of nature revealed in one’s own metaphorical backyard. Often, inspiration arrives in the form of the materials themselves—the earthy beauty of natural stone, the mesmerizing translucence of through-and-through cast glass tiles, the gentle glint of metallic, mirror, quartz, and mother of pearl accents.

The Art of Maison is the ability to see possibilities where functionality and creativity intersect.

What. Designers at Maison draw their inspiration from art, architecture, and fine materials from around the world—setting trends and serving as the industry’s catalyst for forward-thinking tile design and manufacturing.

Where. Our design team is truly international, sprawling across continents and time zones, while our international factories are able to access the materials, artistic sensibility, and precise craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.

When. From your first conversation with a Maison designer to the last swipe of a grout sponge, we understand the importance of your timeline. In-stock materials let you get to work almost immediately, while our custom projects offer an 8-10 week lead time.

Why. Every project, no matter how large or small, is an opportunity to let your tilework speak. By blending inspiration, imagination, and trend-setting concepts, our design team brainstorms custom solutions that match your budget, style, and project.

How. With the highest quality materials in hand, Maison’s artisans commence their detail work, melding the best of modern production techniques with the beauty of ancient craftsmanship—using techniques such as water jet, saw cut, and hand clip to perfectly suit the specific task at hand.

World of Maison

Maison’s multifaceted approach to tile design extends into producing, curating, and pioneering new materials and techniques in our international factories. Our design and operations teams travel regularly to our state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring quality control and fostering innovation.

The World of Maison is how we create the art of Maison—through the crafting and curation of our unique tile products.

What. Maison’s global manufacturing facilities are highly specialized, including factories focused purely on antique stone, recycled glass, crystal glass, and Murano glass.

Where. With design facilities in the US and factories in Europe and Asia, Maison brings international expertise to its overall operations.

When. Each month, our factories produce about 500,000 square feet of tile—enough to cover 8 football fields.

How. Across the Maison family of facilities, more than 300 highly trained artisans, craftspeople, and support staff work around the clock to manufacture our products.

Why. Excellence in tile manufacturing demands a hand-on process—working side by side to produce materials from scratch, to develop styles that have never been seen before, and to ensure precision, functionality, and excellence of the finished product.


By blending inspiration, imagination, and trend-setting concepts, our design team brainstorms custom solutions that match your budget, style, and project.


Our tile materials—including stone, marble, glass, metals & more—are hand-selected to ensure the industry’s finest quality and highest in-stock availability.


Our artisanal manufacturing process ensures exceptional quality—with precision cuts, consistent grout joints, and individually wrapped tiles for smooth installations.

Let's Start a Journey

Your journey with Maison begins with the end in mind—a dream space that matches your vision—and with our team guiding every step of the way. If you’re inspired by our in-house collections, we have a dazzling array of patterns, materials, and finishes—including many in-stock options to get you started right away. If a custom design is more your style, of course, our team of designers and tile artisans can bring your imagination to reality.

Opening the map: Like unfolding an old-school atlas, the excitement of your Maison journey begins with planning a route. Via email or phone, our design experts will get to know your project and preferences, from the details of physical dimensions to the creative elements of style, colors, patterns, and materials.

Embarking down the trail: For custom projects, we’ll convert your CAD or detailed drawing set to a first rendering within 24 hours. This step is where you’ll review “the terrain”: Are the dimensions, colors, and other elements what you wanted, or do you need to change course?

Signposts along the way: Complimentary swatch samples of your specified materials give you the opportunity to examine their hue, texture, and finish. If desired, we can produce a sample strike-off that allows you to experience how the tile will appear in its planned environment and lighting conditions.

Reaching your destination: In-stock tiles can be shipped same-day. Custom projects have a lead time of just 8 to 10 weeks—unique custom tile designs, materials, and finishes.

No matter what your final destination or your route to get there, the Maison team will ensure smooth travels.



If you can dream it, Maison’s World of Color can inspire you to design it. Recycled Glass provides a practically infinite array of 
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Customizing Recycled Glass is a simple process with limitless applications & design possibilities.

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130 colors in 2 edge details. 3 Finishes: matte, gloss & irid. Ready to set trends of tomorrow. 
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