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The checkered and striped patterns of Gingham evoke the casual comfort of summer soiree frocks and carefree afternoon picnics in the dappled sunlight of a garden. This fabric-style pattern’s timeless past yields endless inspiration in a tile format, adding class to any simple design with a dash of summer love that you’ll appreciate year-round. The scale of the Gingham collections makes it highly versatile—allowing this Recycled Glass mini mosaic to be installed in any manner of applications, from small to sweeping. While the pattern remains the same in each design, the 40 different color blends create highly unique visual looks that not only keep up with the latest fashions but also set the style. It’s a perfect trend to check off your must-have list.

The color blends provided showcase some of our newest Recycled Glass colors, all featuring our S3 square shape. With options spanning the rainbow, you will find a palette to suit your project within these pages.

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