Good tile work speaks.

The way it catches the light, how the colors dance in your eyes; each individual piece seems to shape itself and say something new.

Though made of stone and glass, each project breathes life into its environment, creating memories before they appear in our minds.

It is an experience that speaks to you, speaks for you. So what should it say?

You ultimately make one decision when purchasing tile work. That decision should last a lifetime, driven by your desire to give the piece a voice.

Instead, the buying experience tosses you from one step to the next, upselling every style choice along the way, and finally reducing you to an item plucked from a big box store shelf… at that point, is it really your vision?

Maison believes in better.

Just as good tile sets the tone for a space, we are setting the tone for the future of the industry.

We put the entire process under one roof, delivering the entire design, manufacturing & distribution experience for curated luxury tiles and mosaics.

We aim to give voice to your vision, to remove the obstacles between you and what is possible with your tilework.

Rather than be just another step in the process, we are the process. Maison removes all the barriers and go-betweens; delivering everything you need to create your next project.

By caring for you throughout the entire journey, we help clear the path ahead, to make your dream a reality you can enjoy for years to come.

Because the way we see it, when good tile work speaks, it calls out an invitation. It holds open a door. It whispers a welcome home.

And with Maison, you are truly at home.

 Our process enables you to customize your tile design –without limits. 

We help bring your imagination to life through our hands—with our design team alongside you every step of the way. Drawing on more than a 1,000 customizable designs, you can choose your materials, patterns, even color placement.  And we won’t begin the manufacturing process until you are completely satisfied.  To handcraft your tiles, we work with our exclusive artisan factory, ensuring consistent quality in every piece. In addition to traditional materials, we utilize rare stones, precious metals, salvaged materials, and recycled glass, combined with eco-friendly and state-of-the-art manufacturing.  And finally, to make sure that your materials are received in  perfect condition, pieces are carefully wrapped, enclosed in a protective crate, and shipped to your front door—ready to be unpacked for the big reveal & installation.

  By caring for you—and your tiles!—throughout the entire journey, we clear the path ahead, to make your dream a reality you can enjoy for years to come.

Customer Support: 1-833-ART-TILE

Email orders or inquiries to: sales@maisonsurface.com

Email sample orders or inquiries to: support@maisonmosaics.com

Our customer service is available any time between 9 am and 5 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

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