Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass

Maison Surface’s Recycled Glass tool puts the World of Color at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, you can fine-tune your own tile design in our exclusive Recycled Glass. Customize any shape from hexagons and weaves to squares and circles in any of our 130 colors—and generate a rendering of how the mosaic will look in several applications.

No matter how intricate your design, we’ve made the process easy:

Choose from one of 58 patterns.

Select your color from a diverse palette, from Denim to Blossom and Lemon to Flint

Complement your design with one of 40 world-class Laticrete grouts.

See your selection in a variety of inlays – including single, repeat, kitchen, bath, or commercial.

Get a quote, request a sample, download a PDF, or share your design.



The Geometro Now series provides a contemporary style that features innovative, geometric patterns, in a trendy color palette. Offered in a matte finish, it includes three patterns and five solid colors. This series is created from recycled glass that is ground to fine powder and molded under extreme pressure and heat. Colored with inert natural minerals and enamel, it is a full body product immune from fading or discoloration.

Union Station Bullet Train

Union Station Bullet Train

Let Union Station take you on one of Maison Surface’s most practical and playful tile journeys. Our new Bullet Train program creates an express route to an elegant tile experience—with just a 2-week lead time for any of the 18 patterns in this unique collection.


Best of all, we’ve made the process as simple as booking a ticket:

Custom design your Union Station pattern using our intuitive, interactive tool

Select your materials—including glass, natural stone (polished or matte), and porcelain

Choose a grout

Get a quote, request a sample, download a PDF, or share your design


With Maison in the conductor’s seat, the Bullet Train program lets you sit back and anticipate the exquisite views of a finished Union Station collection!

Share your unique designs and get inspired!

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