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Designer cards and swatch sticks are where inspiration intersects with reality. They’re the perfect design tool for portable color matching and material selection without taking up too much space. Create your own design and color story—and experiment with the look and feel of how different finishes can transform any surface. Contact us at 1-833-ART-TILE or to request samples for active jobs—or to keep on hand for upcoming projects.

Sample Swatches

Ready to get inspired?

Start with our 58 stone swatches perfectly proportioned to a 1×6 sample. Available in our 3 finishes: honed, polished or leathered. And our 17 Specialty Material swatches.


 Whether you are sending a sample to a client or want to discover a new finish and how it effects different marbles this is your tool. Create custom blends, color match fabric, add dimension with texture. Portable & pocket sized these swatches pack a punch.58

Material box - Sample Swatch - Display Board (1)
Material box - Sample Swatch - Stone
Material box-Stone (2)
Material box-Stone (1)
Material box - Sample Swatch - Display Board (1)
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