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Think of Cartels as your portable design tool. It’s Maison’s library of materials and patterns that includes Recycled, Kaleidoscope, Marquise, Trillion, Elements, Geology, Union Station, Habitat, Graffiti, Palette and Shapes—and we’re adding to it all the time.

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Graffiti glass

The writing is on the wall. Graffiti is a distinctive, diverse & dynamic offering of colour.
one of the latest additions to the World of Colour library.
155 colors to leave your mark on any project.


The natural choice. Habitat is a selection of 48 Recycled colours in a rectified edge. Available in 2 finishes matte & Slip Tech.

​Slip Tech is the perfect anti-slip full body texture for any surface.

Elements glass

Elements is a down to earth approach to color, finish & texture. A bedrock addition to our material library.  80 colors in 2 finishes & 4 textures.

Recyceled glass

Recycled Glass spans 111 striking colors. Including options with 3 finishes: matte, polished & iridescent. Crafted entirely from recycled glass. 

  • don’t forget that these colours are available in all of our shapes

Geology glass

Geology is the exploration of what the elements can do with time.

A combination of 36 of our Recycled & Elements matched to on trend colours.

Kaleidoscope glass

Take a twist of the Kaleidoscope into the evocative, intricate & unexpected with every turn.  180 colours

Marquise glass

Allow colour to have a starring role.
A dramatic collection of 80 Marquise cut glass shapes acting in a full ensemble of colour & range.

Trillion glass

Trillion is a cut above the rest.
84 diamond shaped glass is the star of the Trillion collection the perfect multifaceted addition to the World of Colour library.

Union Station

All aboard! The Union Station collection is your ticket to evoking the romance of the golden age of the train travel.

  • 12 stones
  • 12 glass color

Shapes glass

Imagine a shape & it’s in this four fold cartel. The 111 colours from our Recycled collection are available in 60 shapes that can be sold as solid color sheets or blended. 

Palette stone

The painters palette at the touch of your fingers. 48 stones in 3 finishes: honed, polished & leathered. 


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