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Think of Cartels as your portable design tool, conveniently designed to be held in your hand like a book off a library shelf—whether for presentation in your studio or taken to the job site to get real-time color matches. With side-by-side displays showcasing Maison’s entire World of Colour, there’s no better aid for selecting colors, materials, patterns, finishes and textures in a wide variety of collections.

Cartels available include Recycled, Effect, Bookmatch, Glow in the Dark, Kaleidoscope, Marquise, Trillion, Elements, Geology, Union Station, Habitat,  Palette and Shapes—and we’re adding to them all the time. Simply scroll down to view the options.

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We’re living in a material world, and Elements Glass is a down-to-earth approach to color, finish and texture that showcases one of our most popular materials. With 80 colors in 2 finishes and 4 textures, Elements shows clearly how you can unleash your creativity.


Our Geology Cartel explores the timeless qualities of our Recycled and Elements collections. In a side-by-side format, each of the 36 on-trend color schemes combines to expand your design possibilities.


In any environment, Habitat is the natural choice for revealing the beauty in recycled glass and the precise look of rectified edge tile. In addition to 48 Recycled colors to choose from, Habitat is available in 2 finishes: matte and Slip Tech, which is an ideal anti-slip full-body texture for any surface.


With each twist, Kaleidoscope gives a new view into the evocative, intricate and unexpected. Featuring clear, opaque and metallic glass materials, the 180 colors provide an ever-changing reflection in any surface application.


Make your debut on the marquis. Each luminescent baguette is a nod to the old Hollywood stars who made their name. 80 colors are the starring role of this glamourous glass tile collection.


At first glance, Recycled Glass leaps off the page by spanning 130 striking colors—but that’s only part of the story. To increase your visual options, it’s also available in 3 finishes—matte, polished and iridescent—and can be manufactured in all of Maison Surface’s shapes.


Recycled Glass made in the image of bookmatched marble. High quality, luxurious timeless appeal. A statement in understatement. Pulling inspiration from the finest marbles & travertines. An exploration in what is possible when austerity drives the aesthetic. 


Glow in the Dark

What’s more fun than Glow in the Dark that can go anywhere?! Our Recycled Glass Glow in the Dark palette has a color for any mood. From the sweetest pinks to the boldest blues. 


What’s the shape of things to come? Imagine it, and you’ll find it in this four-fold cartel. An endless array of combinations can be created with 130 colors from our Recycled Glass collection available in 55 shapes—configured in solid color sheets or blended. 


Maison is always at the forefront of the industry with natural material reproduction. The revolution begins with our recycled glass made in the image of the unexpected.  The veining & variation of marble. The texture & color of terra cotta. The refinement of fabric. The complexity of Terrazzo. The grain of wood. Suited for all installations from floors to walls and pools to spas.


Stone Palette

Within this cartel, the rich beauty of stone conveys its essence with the convenience of a painter’s palette. Options abound, with 48 stones in 3 finishes: honed, polished & leathered.


In the realm of diamond-shaped tiles, Trillion is a cut above the rest. The perfect multifaceted addition to the World of Colour library, Trillion offers 84 different color options that add dazzle to any design.

Union Station
Bullet Train

Let Union Station take you on one of Maison Surface’s most practical and playful tile journeys. Our new Bullet Train program creates an express route to an elegant tile experience—with just a 2-week lead time for any of the 18 patterns in this unique collection.


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