When you’re creating a dream home, a great deal of time and effort goes into decisions about furniture, cabinetry, flooring, walls, and upholstery, fabrics, and other custom accessories. With Maison’s custom tile program, you can ensure that the quality and visual appeal of your hard surfaces matches the elegance and luxury of the rest of your home.

Custom tile is one of those times in which patience is amply rewarded. With a lead time of just 8 to 10 weeks, a home or commercial space can be fully outfitted in unique custom tile designs, materials, and finishes.

And because Maison is a factory direct fashion house, with no middleman, your investment could be half or less compared to other custom options.

We can work with any inspiration, surface, style, or color—here’s a quick glimpse into the process:


Every custom project starts with a conversation, whether by email or on the phone, to get to know your project a little bit better. What are the space dimensions? What’s your style? Have you already decided on colors, patterns, materials, and other details…or do you want to explore your options?


We require CAD or a detailed drawing set to provided a first rendering within 24 hours. This step is where you review, in detail, the request & make the necessary changes before your final rendering. This guarantee’s both the dimensions provided & colors chosen are correct.

Material Sample

At the same time as making your mockup, we’ll send off complimentary swatch samples of the materials you’ve specified. This is for you to review and understand the hue, texture & finish of the material selected. Make sure to check the sample in the space it is intended for to understand what lighting can do.

Strike off

We also offer the option of a sample strike-off that exactly replicates your pattern and materials—allowing you to experience the tile during various times of day with different types of natural and artificial light to confirm that it’s the one that speaks to you.


Distinctive & Versatile

To execute your design, Maison curates the finest, most unique materials available from around the world, ensuring that your project is custom in every sense of the word.


Premium stone, marble, and travertine, internationally sourced from specialty quarries

Specialty Material

Mixed-media specialty materials curated from metal, 24K gold, terrazzo, terracotta, quartz, mirror, woodgrain, and mother of pearl

Recycled Glass

Full-body colored with inert natural materials and enamel for beauty, versatility, and durability

Kaleidoscope Glass

Brilliant glass tile in 180 different colors unlocks an otherworldly appeal for elaborate murals and art pieces

Elements Glass

Endless combinations of textures, formats, colors, and finishes with a common essence of nature-inspired majesty

Setting Systems

Sealing, cleaning, restoring & problem-solving solutions.



Maison’s artisans incorporate the best of modern production techniques and time-tested hand-craftsmanship.

Artistic Hand Cut

Custom hand-clipped cuts to fit each piece to a pattern, resulting in your one-of-a-kind design.

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Creates clean edges with a handmade feel—an ideal technique for rectilinear pattern pieces.

Water Jet Cutting

Cuts materials with water under extremely high pressure, allowing for small, intricate, and complex profiles.

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Pixel Glass Tile

Created with standard-size tesserae on solid sheets in a pixelated layout—a convenient, affordable option to create dramatic or whimsical custom mosaic designs.

Writing & Messages

Bring another dimension to tilework with logo typography, phrases, or quotes rendered within a complementary pattern.

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Glass Tile Murals

Maison mosaic factory specializes in creating special order custom murals and inlays for pools, baths, and any space that can be elevated with the glimmer of glass.

Blends & Gradients

Watercolor-inspired designs explore the interplay of light, color, and surface finishes and color transitions.

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Mirage Recycled Glass

Adding elegance and sophistication to glass tile with the timeless sensibility of marbles, terrazzos , terra cottas, woodgrains & mother of pearl.

Ready to create your custom project?

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