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Flower Power

A true spectacle. A sight to see. Maison’s Flower Power 
collection packs a punch when it comes to color & pattern. In true 
Maximalist fashion we agree that more truly is more. That is why you will find 
complex color palettes and an abundance of motifs rendered out in our 
Kaleidoscope & Recycled Glass. Fit for any chic hotel to hottest clubs, 
restaurants to bars. Flower Power finds a place and makes its mark. Because of 
the durability of our glass these murals will stand not only the hippest of crowds 
but also the test of time. 

Flower Power patterns cleverly comes in two materials to fit any of your style requirements. Our lustrous Kaleidoscope Glass has color & reflective variation per tesserae.  While our Recycled Glass has consistent full body color in matte finish. Recycled Glass has properties suited for floor installations with its slip resistance and durability. Kaleidoscope is a true glass, adding great impact to walls, pools, restrooms, and light traffic areas. We suggest you use our Kaleidoscope & Recycled cartel swatch books to create your own blends and add matching field to your Flower Power projects.  

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xx Flower Power magazine (67)

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