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While Maison specializes in custom surfaces that express your vision, we also focus on streamlining the creative process. Our innovative design tool applies science to the art of custom tile design, using black/white/gray vector graphic patterns to create a 3D textured image of a tile surface. Once you’ve chosen the colors and materials, our artisan cuts the tiles into the design pattern you desire.


Maison’s factory-direct pricing means that we’re not just competitively priced—you can be confident you’re getting the best value in custom tile. Contact us today for a custom price quote and lead times at sales@maisonsurface or 1-833-ART-TILE (278-8453).


Maison’s artisans incorporate the best of modern production techniques and time-tested hand-craftsmanship.

  • Water jetting cuts materials with water under extremely high pressure, allowing for small, intricate, and complex profiles.
  • Saw cutting creates a clean edge with a handmade feel—an ideal technique for rectilinear pattern pieces.
  • Hand clipping is exactly what it sounds like: custom cuts to fit each piece to a pattern, resulting in your one-of-a-kind design.

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