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If you’re a custom homebuilder, commercial builder, architect, or interior designer, it’s time to rethink everything you believe about custom tile. A bold statement? Sure. But we’re confident Maison can provide value far above and beyond the stock product you’ll get from volume-production dealers—with creative designs, uniqueness, and customer service that they can’t possibly match.


You’ll find there are numerous advantages to working with Maison, but we’ll stick with the top 8:

         How do I trust the product will be what I was expecting?

We’re focused on superior quality: We know that custom tile comes with higher expectations for you and your end clients.


Natural stone has a lot of range. How can I trust I am getting the best color & consistency?

Our quality assurance starts with sourcing for procurement of matching slabs of only the finest materials, and any imperfections are discarded during production.


Can I bring any idea? What if it’s a simple as a sketch?

We’re truly custom: There isn’t any material that we can’t get our hands on, and there isn’t anything that we can’t build. What makes us different is the ingenuity to bring designs to reality.


Lead time is a big issue on my projects. They make or break a sale. Can I expect fast lead-times?

We realize the importance of shipping: Whether direct shipped to the job site, or to any other global location, we offer a four-week lead time with our XPress shipping.


Can I trust the packaging?

We’re not just about speed, either: Individual hand packaging ensures zero breakage and the frustration of chipped corners.


Installation is the hardest part of a project. Can I trust that the tile isn’t designed to just look good but also installs with ease and maintains it quality?

We understand your challenges from a contractor’s perspective: Our founders got their start in the field, cutting tile, mixing thinset, and grouting joints. As a result, we think about tile from that perspective—the raw materials all work together and are designed to be installed with ease. (Talk to our contractors, and they’ll say they never want to work with anyone else.)


I am on a strict budget. Is Maison right for me?

We know budgets: Our goal is to make you more profitable while saving your clients money. Depending on the specific materials and designs, you could cut your costs by 20% to 50% versus our competition. We work exclusively through our network of Showrooms, so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible price, with no unnecessary middlemen or markups.


I need fast turnaround. Is Maison right for me?

We’ll save you time: We know from experience that a lot of time goes into specifying tile—and we’ve seen the frustration when it gets re-specified at the 11th hour because something else goes over budget. With Maison, that’s not going to happen, because you can be confident, you’re already getting the best value in the industry.


I hate spending money on a luxury item and then being ignored when I have questions. Is Maison right for me?

We’re responsive: We may be a small company, but we’re nimble and ultra-competitive—so we know we have to be at the top of our game, every day. Call us, and you’re going to get an answer. Have an issue at the job site, and you’ve got 24-hour technical support.


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