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Rock Solid

For decades, pool glass mosaic artist Jimmy Reed has explored the endless possibilities of hand-crafted tile in luxury homes—turning ordinary residential waterscapes into extraordinary living environments. A lifelong surfer, runner, mountain biker and musician who was born and raised in Southern California, Jimmy draws creative inspiration for his designs by blending nature and imagination. Taking their cues from sources as diverse as earthen adobe, shorelines, and the open ocean, his finished pieces provide a masterclass in originality, textures, and movement.

From the lush Hawaiian coastline to the deserts of California to the endless spans of sea and sand on the East Coast, Jimmy’s Rock Solid collection of full body glass tiles invites you to an adventure that can be enjoyed every day. With durable textural design, these glass tiles have been crafted to be equally suited to swimming pools, spas, and water features, as well as luxury interior and exterior environments.


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