Chevron Enrichments
a meeting point, chevrons create continuous zigzags when laid in on parallel. Chevrons are an ancient motif. Found on early cave paintings and pottery design. They are considered to be one of the oldest symbols in human history. Symbolic or decorative Chevrons leave their mark. First seen as flooring in the 16th century Europe articulated in wood and stone. Maison’s take on the chevron plays with the angle and repeat of the pattern. So much can change if you just take the common steep V of the chevron and soften it’s peak. What about piece size? Chevrons don’t have to be exaggerated zigzags. Play with the scale and you can make the pattern into a texture.

Chevron Enrichments in use

We continue to entice by preserving their admirably high artisanal standards and seeking out cutting edge technology. Enviably innovative in the modus operandi and committed to esteemed creative endeavor and adaptability.

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