At a moment’s glance, our Antiquity collection whisks you away to the ornate elegance of European cathedrals. While inspired by the Old World, Antiquity also reimagines it—embracing romance and whimsy using motifs and ornamentation traditionally found in the décor of Romanesque and gothic basilicas. Whether you choose marble, quartz, metal, glass or recycled glass, each of the 24 organic repeat patterns is carefully crafted using a 100% waterjet manufacturing process. Precise lines weave sinuously through each design, with options to enhance the visual impact with hand-clipped accent pieces and 3D relief surfaces. Scaled at 18″ repeats, this collection is ideal for seamless, no-cut backsplash applications or extraordinary flooring statement pieces.

Antiquity in use

We continue to entice by preserving their admirably high artisanal standards and seeking out cutting edge technology. Enviably innovative in the modus operandi and committed to esteemed creative endeavor and adaptability.

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